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Nouvelle adresse pour ce Blog

Ce Blog a déménagé.

Nouvelle adresse : http://www.congoblog.net.

Nouvelle adresse pour ce Blog

Je change d’adresse de mon Blog que vous pouvez désormais retrouver à l’adresse ci-après : http://www.congoblog.net.

Si je change c’est pour prendre en main l’hébergement et le développement de mon Blog. Les posts de ce Blog vont rester ici mais les nouveaux seront publiés sur : http://www.congoblog.net

Pour me dire ce que vous pensez de ce changement, vous pouvez m’écrire à l’adresse : info@congoblog.net

Les aventures continuent…

Posté par Cédric Kalonji | 01 décembre 2007 22:49:14

24 commentaire(s) :

excellent blog je te suis donc sur le nouveau!

Rédigé par louisa simone | www | 08 avril 2012 11:54:23

bravo pour tes blogs!

Rédigé par siouxsix | www | 09 février 2012 22:28:08

i m congolese. i really like what you are doing.i think that it is not as bad to change an adress. lot of courage...i live at Beni DRC.student of ucbc. thanks.

Rédigé par alice kinokia | 16 décembre 2011 09:33:56

de la nostalgie à revenir sur ton blog..mais le nouveau est aussi pas mal!

Rédigé par lili darto | www | 12 novembre 2011 19:36:45

slt mon frère Cedric , je suis un jeune étudiant congolais au Cuba et je vouse remercie pour le travail que vous etes en train d'abattre et vous souhaite bonne chance car la RDCongo a besoin de personne comment vous qui revèle la verité.

Rédigé par ALAIN MBIKAYI | 07 décembre 2008 20:47:13

Wow, mon frere Cedric, qu'as-tu donc fait a tous ces gens? C'est la polemique! Bravo pour ton blog, j'aime ton energie.

Rédigé par David Makanda | 29 juillet 2008 16:04:48

je voudrais avoire ta precission tu es ou a kin?quels sont vont projet realise.moi je suis aux usa los angeles/california

Rédigé par kipoto | 08 mars 2008 07:39:00


Rédigé par JOCELINE HUANG | 26 février 2008 07:05:16

@ Outsider

I'm talking to you dear friend, no malice intended!!
And when i sign " de coeur avec tous" It's from the bottom of my heart. I like to argue, but i don't take myself to seriously even tough i always speak my mind freely.Don't sweat it, i respect all of you!!

" dust in the wind, all we are is dust in the wind" ( The Eagles)

de coeur avec toi

Rédigé par wavre | 06 décembre 2007 06:05:33

To Wavre (again),

I hope via you headers that say "@ Outsider", you're not intending to talk "at me" instead of talking "to me", because that can appear to be utterly condescending. But I don't think it's the case, just making sure.

Rédigé par Oustider | 05 décembre 2007 21:44:53

To Wavre,

No harm done. I figure you might have a sense of humor, great!!

My season's greetings to you!

Rédigé par Oustider | 05 décembre 2007 21:31:09

@ Outsider
If i'm wrong,shame on me!
If i'm right,shame on you!

De coeur avec toi ( Still!!!)

Rédigé par wavre | 05 décembre 2007 21:06:20

I meant : ...a fool out of yourself...

Rédigé par Outsider | 05 décembre 2007 05:07:36

To Wavre,

with all due respect, you are the one who should feel that crying shame, because the question is not whether you're right or wrong about me (Outsider), because you're are indeed wrong in your assumptions. You probably racked your brain for hours trying to pinpoint any similarities between Insider and myself; they aren't as obvious as you might have thought. You boldly go as far as to openly point out whom your gut feelings tell you it may be: the feller who happens to be the first person to mention the Samuel Adams beer on this blog...and everybody knows whom that person is. Well, that's just a cheap shot from you, a low blow as one might add. Instead of digging around the bush, why don't you brace yourself and name him or her? Anticipating that some folks would be naming names and falsely accusing one another about these postings in English, I honestly stated that I usually post on this blog under a different nickname/username; why should I even bother mentioning that if I wanted to conceal my ID in the first place?

The reason why I posted as "Outsider" was due to the fact that, when I read Insider's posting, I didn't seem to agree with his/her suspicions, ergo I found it rather convenient to post as "Outsider", a simple word play to suscitate a standpoint different to that of Insider, no more, no less.

I don't care or decide who gets to pecuniarily assist Ced or not, everybody is free. I don't see any pleasure in trashing Cedric's wonderful work, and neither will I ever think of doing such a undermining thing; I'm afraid I'm simply not of that kind. So, until next time, ndeko Wavre, think a little harder before you say anything to make a fool out yourself...seriously.

"Common sense is not so common." (Voltaire )

Rédigé par Outsider | 05 décembre 2007 05:00:55

@ Insider and Outsider!!

I'm getting the feeling that you are the same person posting under different pseudo. I even have an idea about who you are. I can be wrong, but if i'm right shame on you...Pretending to represent different and opposite opinions is just another way of trowing mud at Cedric in a pernicious way! I tauhgt you were bigger than that! maybe too much samuel adams???

de coeur avec tous

Rédigé par wavre | 04 décembre 2007 23:31:34

Outsider, like i said, the camera is indeed broken. I can attest to that. And yes, he expects for his loyal readers to finance a new one.

Kim, there's nothing wrong with sponsoring someone if you feel the compelled. That is absolutely your own personal choice. But there was quite a bit of debate concerning the motive behind that camera post, and I wanted to lend some insight into the truth behind it. And sure he makes good money by Congolese standards, but have you asked him whether HE thinks he makes good money? He doesn't call himself "un local staff exploité" and refer to his "petite salaire de Monuc" for no reason. I know you're a good friend to him and would never think ill of him, and you even helped to create his new website, but there are skeletons in his closet, make no mistake about that.

Rédigé par insider | 04 décembre 2007 13:06:17

To Insider,

You made some good points justifying your suspicions. But I also wanted to ensure you that if de facto the motive behind the broken camera [bogus] story is nothing but financial extortion, I would be the last person to fall in such a trap, but I do appreciate your warning.

I perfectly understand that you're not intending to prevent anyone from reading and/or posting on this blog, since that would strip us of the very freedom of information and expression that we benefit from the cyberspace, wouldn't it? Myself, I've been an avid reader of this blog for a long time and do, when I get a chance, intervene -- under a different nickname -- on some topics that I find worthy of spending my time on.

I have to admit though that I also sort of found it a bit intriguing when I first ran across the broken camera posting, considering the relatively short span of time he used it [or overused it]. Then again, maybe the damn thing is really broken, there's no evidence to prove otherwise. Thus, as far as contending that the said posting was an implicit plea for some form of financial assistance [once again], I'll suspend any judgement on that. I just hope he is bright enough to grasp the meaningful Chinese saying: "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." In the meantime, I sure will keep on visiting this blog... in all objectiveness, that is.

Rédigé par Outsider | 04 décembre 2007 09:19:16

To insider,

since when is it wrong to sponsor someone, even though he already makes money?

It's like Tiger Woods refusing to be sponsored because he's already a millionaire.

Cedric makes a fairly good living by Congolese standards, but please, he's no con man.

Rédigé par kim | 04 décembre 2007 08:15:07

To Outsider,

Yes, unfortunately, I am very sure of what I am talking about. I don't call myself "insider" for nothing. Unfortunately, I have had the displeasure of knowing him personally and can attest to the true motivation behind the post concerning his broken camera - which to his credit is truly broken, I was there when it happened - but rest assured he doesn't need help buying another one.

Listen, I'm not saying don't read his blog - it can be informative and insightful occasionally. Journalism is/should be objectively watched/viewed/read. You don't need to agree with the private life of Katie Couric to watch her news show. But the key here is, where money and the Congolese intersect is where you need to be most wary. Any expat who has ever lived in Congo can tell you this. Anytime money or finances enter into the equation, think twice about what you are getting yourself into.

I speak to the black/american community first and foremost because they are who I am most concerned about. There are tons of europeans and canadians out there who have already been swindled by this young man. I don't want you to be the next....

Yes, fame and fortune does alter a person. While Cedric may have at some point been unaltered by the ever-pervasive corruption of Congo, he is definitely not immune to the seduction of fame and wealth. Having integrity is his main weakness. He is human after all. The culture of deception is so great here that I can't really blame the Congolese for not being able to distinguish fact from fiction, reality from delusion, truth from lies. Sigh.

Rédigé par insider | 04 décembre 2007 05:52:51

To Insider,

are you sure regarding the allegations you seem to be making here? If your suspicions are founded beyond any doubt, this could ultimately discredit this weblog's freshly earned reputation and eventually cause its demise, which would be unfortunate. Personally, I'm just hoping that such a twisted idea would never cross Cedric's mind in any way, shape or form. But again, you never know...because fame does alter people.

Happy Holidays to y'all!

Rédigé par Outsider | 04 décembre 2007 00:51:27


Rédigé par moulinex | 03 décembre 2007 12:11:26

If you are a reader from the States, be well aware that this Cedric Kalonji is a type of con-artist. Seemingly innocuous at first because of all his readers and radio interviews, but should you ever feel compelled to give him MONEY, to buy a camera for instance, be rest assured the last thing he needs is money. He will eventually be on par with the con-artists from Nigeria who solicit you via chain emails. Appreciate his writing for what it is, but please don't fall for the (indirect) pleas for financial help.

Rédigé par insider | 03 décembre 2007 05:28:44

Lui je félicite, de la bonne par tâche

Rédigé par Angel Eulises Ortiz | www | 02 décembre 2007 11:15:02

tu pourrais faire unautre blog sur http://skyblog.com?ce serait mieux!certes c'est juste une idée mais après c'est à toi de voir!sinon il est cool ton blog!continues comme ça!ciao

Rédigé par ilena | www | 02 décembre 2007 10:46:48

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